World Wide Trade Wars Will Have Cyber Impact: Review our list of best practices

The World Wide Trade Wars (World War T) are here and all indications are that they will continue (for more see: The Next Big Move In Trade: Restricting more tech esports to China and barring some investments and: World War T: What does it mean for your current decision-making?).

We can say with 100% certainty that the trade war will have cyber impact. But projecting what the impact will be gets harder fast and will vary from sector to sector and perhaps even for each particular company in a sector. Our recommendation is to make your own informed assessment, and rely on inputs from your sector information sharing mechanisms (ISAC/ISAO) heavily.

But in general look for more attacks against the manufacturing sector and power grid. It is also reasonable to assume that China will resume its high level of intellectual property theft. Defenses should be raised all around.

And all of us should take this opportunity to evaluate security postures and build in agility where possible.

For our list of best practices see: Threat Brief Cybersecurity Best Practices.  Reply to this note if you have inputs for that list, we will share the best inputs back with the rest of our community.

Stand by for heavy seas!