White House axes cyber czar role; DHS unveils new cybersecurity strategy

Even as Homeland Security released a new strategy for identifying and managing cybersecurity risks, the White House axed the cybersecurity coordinator position on the National Security Council because they said the role is no longer considered necessary.

Meanwhile, when releasing the new DHS comprehensive cybersecurity strategy(pdf), Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said, “The cyber threat landscape is shifting in real time, and we have reached a historic turning point. Digital security is now converging with personal and physical security, and it is clear that our cyber adversaries can now threaten the very fabric of our republic itself.”

Read why CSO’s Ms. Smith believes that while Nielsen may be right,  the Trump administration’s decision to eliminate the cyber czar’s role could send the wrong message to nation-state attackers and leave adversaries to believe the White House doesn’t take cybersecurity very seriously, on CSO.