Unsecured server exposes 157 GB of highly sensitive data from Tesla, Toyota and more

An UpGuard security researcher discovered 157 GB of highly sensitive data from more than 100 companies, including automakers such as Ford, GM, Tesla, Toyota, Chrysler, Fiat, and Volkswagen, exposed on the web. The data stored on the publicly exposed backup server belonging to the Canadian company Level One Robotics and Controls required not even so much as a password to access.

UpGuard said the publicly accessible data included nearly 47,000 files dealing with 10 years of assembly line schematics, factory floor plans and layouts, as well as robotic configurations, animations and documentation.

Read more about the enormous breach that also included scans of some Level One employees’ driver’s licenses and passports, which could be used for social engineering, fraud, and identity theft, on CSO.