Trump Kim summit: Whatever happened, North Korea-US cyberwar will rage on

The leaders of the US and North Korea, Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump, have met. Whether the summit is seen as a success or failure, both players will still indulge themselves in a disturbing trend: a free-for-all assault on other countries, businesses, and individuals alike through state-sponsored cyberattacks.

The United States and North Korea have never been the best of friends, to put it lightly. However, both countries have enough firepower — both in the physical and digital realms — to cause serious damage. Cyberattacks may not have been on the summit’s agenda, but digital weaponry can still be debilitating, and both countries have invested in training up the next generation of hackers, for good or ill.

Read more about why ZDNet’s Charlie Osborne believes that despite the historical Trump-Kim summit, the North Korea-US cyberwar will rage on, on ZDNet.

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