Three sources for researching internet outages

After some unscientific but widely disseminated twitter polls and a few questions via facebook we have compiled a list of three recommended sites for researching Internet outages. These three tools can help you troubleshoot whether a site is being attacked or is just having an internal glitch. They are:

  • They leverage twitter as a source so can provide fast insights into what is on people’s mind. They collect from many other sources as well and then list outages and status by company.
  • SANS Internet Storm Center: Their insights are much more fact-based and generally provide great insights into what is really going on regarding major outages and cyber attacks.
  • Very simple way to check to see if any site can be reached. Displays list of what others are searching for.

During a massive outage you might not be able to reach the Internet from your primary path. Our recommendation: have multiple paths of course!