The Trustwave Global Security Report

This report provides insights focusing on some of the largest and most exposed sectors of the economy. Trustwave came to fame as a company who can help firms meet security compliance, especially in the PCI industry. They do far more now but their roots are their strength and that informs their security report. 

Data thieves do their homework, and that is what allows them to exploit businesses at such alarming rates.  But that doesn’t mean you need to lay out the welcome mat for them.

Download and read the 2018 Trustwave Global Security Report to discover:

  • The top methods used to compromise corporate networks, point-of-sale-systems and e-commerce sites.
  • The most common industries and geographies under attack, and the type of data being targeted.
  • An actual email conversation between a “CEO Fraud” attacker and his victim.
  • The median number of days between intrusion and detection for both internally detected incidents and externally detected incidents.
  • How one botnet carried the weight for spam-delivered malware.
  • The most frequent vulnerabilities across databases, networks, applications and other platforms.
  • Details on the evolution of exploit kits and other threats, including ransomware and cryptocurrency mining.
  • The most common techniques malware used to avoid detection.

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