Secureworks Annual State of Cybercrime Report 

With cybercriminals becoming more advanced than ever, Secureworks Counter Threat Unit (CTU) researchers launched a 2018 State of Cybercrime Report to expose cyber-threats, provide standard and applicable techniques, and identify the markets that are fueling the economy of the sophisticated cybercrime business.

Key findings in the report include:

  • Only a small subset of professional criminal actors operating like businesses are responsible for the bulk of cybercrime-related damage.­­­
  • The lines between nation-state and cybercriminal actors continues to blur, with cybercriminals employing tools and techniques as sophisticated, targeted and insidious as most nation-state actors, and nation-states using criminal networks to help achieve their objectives.
  • Contrary to some reports, there has been no significant decrease in ransomware; instead ransomware is now more sophisticated than ever.
  • Though some think cryptocurrency mining is on the decline, it actually remains an extremely popular way for criminals to monetize access to infected computers.

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