Threat Brief Makes People Magazine

When People Magazine decides they need to start reporting on the cyber threat you know we are living in dangerous times. We have always believed more people should be informed of the threat and should work to mitigate risks, and are happy to have been a part of recent reporting in People.


In it, Threat Brief publisher Bob Gourley of OODA provides tips for the average computer user including:

  • Stay aware of the threat
  • Pick passwords that are impossible to guess but easy to remember (tips are given in the article)
  • Don’t use free email from your isp. Use Google mail.
  • Use two factor authentication whenever you can.
  • Look for spoofed emails and links
  • Use a password manager like Dashlane
  • Know what https is and how to spot it in your browser

For more tips including ways to significantly reduce your risk see our services in Technology Due Diligence – CTO as a service – CISO as a Service.