This ransomware just added new tricks to spread faster and infect Windows XP PCs

One of the most active forms of ransomware has been updated with a new means of encrypting data as the gang behind the malware look to ensure it remains as damaging as possible. GandCrab ransomware first emerged in January this year and quickly rose to become one of the most popular forms of the file-locking malware. It’s sold cheaply on the dark web as ‘malware-as-a-service’ and has regularly received updates from its developers.

Now the latest version of the ransomware has been released and contains what researchers at Fortinet describe as “an overhaul in terms of the code structure” – and some new tricks up its sleeve.

Read about the latest version of GandCrab malware which comes packed with a different encryption mechanism and the ability to strike Windows XP machines via an SMB vulnerability, on ZDNet.

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