Are We Taking Our Online Privacy Seriously Enough?

For all the benefits the Digital Age has afforded us, the Internet is also a major cause for concern regarding privacy and security. Although a lot of the information that we send and receive over the World Wide Web is innocuous and of nominal importance, we exchange a ton of sensitive data, too. We often assume our sensitive data makes it from point A to point B without interference. But in reality, the Internet can be easily misused. If recent news reports are any indication, the safe transmission of our sensitive digital data is not guaranteed.

The very real possibility of getting hacked, having sensitive information captured, or even having one’s identity stolen is something that we should all be prepared for. But relatively few people have taken steps to protect their digital livelihoods. In fact, individuals usually only take steps to deter the ever-present threats to their digital privacy after they have been the victims of a hacking or cyber attack.

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