Four wireless standards hackers will target after Wi-Fi

When any new communication medium for sharing information emerges, it’s often quickly followed by those committed to hacking it. This natural progression is unfortunately very predictable: groups of skilled experts form to explore vulnerabilities; they share ideas, code, tools and more. After a while, that small group balloons into a full-blown community that’s equipped with […]

A few small steps for man, a giant leap for online security

Read Richard Cassidy,Technical Director EMEA, Alert Logic speak about online security on Help Net Security : The online world is vast. Just follow these straightforward tips, which will make it harder for hackers, and keep you secure. As you take a seat on the comfy leather sofas in Starbucks, slurping on your foamy Café Latte, the […]

10 Steps to Maximize your Home Wireless Network Security

We emphasized so many times we are living in an interconnected world and it is a fact we take for granted. This increasing level of connectivity between us and our devices implies not only a greater degree of physical mobility for us, but also the possibility to access the Internet in most places in the […]