Three Mistakes in Responding to Security Incidents, and What To Do Instead

It’s all about time; responding promptly to the threat of any cyber incident is the most important part of any response. However, according to a recent white paper from security consultant Derek A. Smith: “Effective Incident Response Through User Activity Monitoring.” Read more about the new white paper by security consultant Derek A. Smith which takes […]

Everyone’s nightmare: privacy and data breach risks

This paper discusses the regulatory and statutory framework for privacy and data breach risks as of June 1, 2015. Some of the significant regulatory and statutory developments during the month of June are also noted. Read/download the white paper on privacy and data breach risks on Lexology.

Ransomware & Data Security Laws

Does a ransomware infection count as a reportable data breach? When a financial or healthcare gets hit with ransomware, does that violate their compliance of consumer data? Read/download the whitepaper on ransomware and data security laws on Bank Info Security.

Accelerate Incident Response with Threat Intelligence

The white paper shows how Threat Intelligence improves Incident Response (IR), as it leads to both faster escalation and faster reaction. Download the whitepaper about how companies can accelerate incident response with threat intelligence on Infosec Magazine.

New data breach reporting legislation deemed cyber game changer in Australia

Australia’s business landscape will be transformed under new mandatory reporting legislation for data breaches which will take cyber security from the IT department to the boardroom, according to a white paper released by QBE Insurance. Read about the new white paper released by QBE Insurance which states that the new data breach notification law will […]

Impediments to Adoption of Two-factor Authentication by Home End-Users

Cyber criminals have proven to be both capable and motivated to profit from compromised personal information. The FBI has reported that victims have suffered over $3 billion in losses through compromise of email accounts alone (IC3 2016). One security measure which has been demonstrated to be effective against many of these attacks is two-factor authentication […]

Healthcare breaches cost $6.2B annually

A new whitepaper from Protenus reveals data breaches not only harm an organization’s public image, they also cost exorbitant amounts of money. Titled “Cost of a Breach: A Business Case for Proactive Privacy Analytics,” the whitepaper details seven potential costs of a healthcare data breach. Read about the new whitepaper titled Cost of a Breach: A Business […]

Leveraging the Asset Inventory Database

A well maintained Asset Inventory Database can aid in building a more comprehensive security program based on the CIS Critical Security Controls (CSC). Adding inputs and outputs to the database workflow will help the organization with several of the Critical Security Controls. Read the whitepaper about how companies can leverage the asset inventory database for […]

What is the True Cost of a Data Breach? Best Tactics for Preparation

There’s no doubt the cyber threat landscape is vast and complex. These days, it’s not a question of whether a company will experience a data breach – it’s when and how extensive. Understanding the true cost of a breach is critical to an effective response. Read/download the new report called 2015 NetDiligence Cyber Claims Study which […]

U.S. Cyber Insurance Market Grows Amid Data Breach Concerns

U.S. insurers are becoming more skilled at underwriting and pricing stand-alone cyber insurance policies as businesses show a greater interest in protecting themselves from data breaches and attacks, according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.). Read more about the white paper by Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) called Cyber Risk: Threat and Opportunity which reveals that cyber insurance […]