Mingis on Tech: All about Android security

One of the many topics techies like to debate is whether Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS is more inherently secure. Sure, Apple has a closed system that makes it harder for iPhone users to get into trouble. But the frequent headlines about Android malware usually miss the point. See the video explain all you want […]

The top ransomware attacks of 2017

See the video showing the top ransomware attacks of 2017 on Tech Republic.

Why won’t enterprises take IoT security seriously?

As connected devices permeate homes and offices worldwide, consumers and enterprises tend to overlook the serious digital and physical damage that cybersecurity failures in these devices can wreak. Read why security experts say that companies dont take Internet of Things security seriously on Tech Republic.

How Equifax “bungled” its response to massive data breach

Credit reporting agency Equifax is facing backlash for its response to a data breach that exposed information of about 143 million U.S. consumers including names, social security numbers, birth dates and credit card data. Read/see what Mellody Hobson has to say about Equifax data breach on “CBS This Morning” here.

Using Market Pressures to Improve Cybersecurity

Post-MedSec, Chris Wysopal of Veracode visits the Dark Reading News Desk to discuss what impact the investor community — if not consumers — can have on squashing vulnerabilities and improving cybersecurity. See the video interview of Chris Wysopal of Veracode who explains how stakeholders can pressurise companies to improve cyber security on Dark Reading.

Who’s responsible for cloud security?

IDG editors talk about the common misperceptions about public cloud storage, including who’s ultimately responsible for data security. Read the video explaining who should be responsible for cloud security on CSO Online.

Learning how to battle cyber threats

And it’s one that’s emerging in places like Aroostook County, Maine. Cyber threats are becoming more common and they could hit at any time. “It affects everything from power, to finance, and business and people at home,” said Darren Woods, director of the Aroostook County Emergency Management Agency.

Optimizing Online Defenses Through Crowdsourcing

With limited time and money, many organizations are hamstrung when it comes to cyber defense. AlienVault’s CTO Roger Thornton discusses how the company’s crowdsourced, open-source community product, the Open Threat Exchange (OTX), can help. See the video in which Roger Thornton of AlienVault explain’s how companies can optimise their cyber defenses through crowd sourcing on Dark […]

This one fact about cybersecurity could save your company money

See how you can save money on your cyber security yet protect you from cyber attacks on Tech Republic.

Top 5: Reasons you need a bug bounty program

Bug bounties. The idea turns some folks’ stomachs. Invite people to break into your system and steal things and then when they do reward them? Well, yeah. You want people finding these cracks and telling you about them before someone with bad intentions does. Read about the top five reasons why every organisation should have a bug bounty […]