Why educating employees about cyber security isn’t the solution to stopping cyber breaches

Read Leonardo Cooper’s article about why educating employees about cyber security isn’t the solution to stopping cyber breaches on IT Pro Portal : Cyber security training firms continue to stress the importance of educating employees in order to minimise the risk of cyber threats. ‘Staff’, they argue, ‘are both your company’s greatest asset and your biggest […]

How Small Businesses Can Weather the Cybersecurity Skills Gap “Storm”

Read Reg Harnish explain how small businesses can solve the cyber security skills gap problem on SC News : From the ever-growing Internet of Things to the rising implementation of automation and artificial intelligence, perpetual advancements in technology have provided us with a new level of convenience. But, not without a price. Read his full article […]

NIST leadership tackling physical security weaknesses through culture change, employee training

The National Institute of Standards and Technology boasts a history of bright minds contributing to everything from atomic clocks to the study of outer space fires, but while the institute is known for its research in safety and industry settings, the physical security of its facilities is falling short. Read how National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is tackling physical […]

Awareness training is key to reducing security risk

Read why Charles Cooper says that cyber security awareness training is a key for businesses to reduce their cyber risks on CSO Online : Human error continues to confound the best efforts of security executives. No matter how much money gets spent on firewalls, intrusion detection software and other cybersecurity tools, it’s all going to be […]

Businesses Must Upskill IT Professionals to Win the Cybersecurity Battle

Read why Mark Samuels says that businesses must train their IT professionals to win the cyber security battle on Security Intelligence : Too many businesses are not leveraging the capabilities of their existing IT professionals and fail to provide high-quality training that will boost business preparedness for the ever-increasing cybersecurity threat. Read his full article […]

Increased Awareness Is the Best Cure for Health Care Security Risks

Read why Domenico Raguseo says that creating increased awareness is best cure for preventing cyber attacks on Security Intelligence : The health care market is quite heterogeneous, and as a result, each organization has a unique set of cybsersecurity needs and characteristics. The industry includes hospitals of all sizes, local doctoral consortia, public health care institutions […]

Simple cyber hygiene can help tackle data breaches: VMware CEO

VMwares Chief Executive Officer Pat Gelsinger has stressed the need for turning to basics and put a simple security hygiene in place in order to prevent data breaches. He acknowledged that the breaches are happening at a much faster pace and the technology companies have failed to tackle them. Read why Pat Gelsinger  of VMware says […]

Nearly 70% of UK firms have no staff training for cyber attacks, figures show

More than two-thirds of Britain’s biggest businesses have admitted staff lack training to deal with the growing threat of cyber attacks, new research has shown. Top companies and charities have been told to do more to protect themselves from online threats after a Government survey of leading firms found one in 10 FTSE 350 companies had […]

Cybercrime Awareness Should Be Fun

Read why Scott Koegler says that companies should plan their cyber awareness programs as fun for employees on Security Intelligence : Companies experiencing a cyberattack certainly are not thinking about fun when they deal with the results. There’s a good chance that the breach happened because security awareness wasn’t a focus for an employee who […]

Cyber security training must reflect real risks, warns the IISP

Companies should invest wisely in cyber security training, carefully considering the quality and real benefits, advises the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP). Read why IISP advises companies to avoid inexperienced or narrowly focused training providers on Computer Weekly.