Shifting security: How technology evolves to keep us safe

Read Andrew Ross’ article about how technology has evolved to protect us from cyber threats on Born2invest : Guard dogs were first used by humans in 30,000 B.C. Where did they find these dogs? They adopted orphaned wolf pups. Since then, humans have used everything from moats around castles, security guards (during the Industrial Revolution, circa […]

Cyber security expert talks technology and its dangers

Privacy and data security expert Edward J. McAndrew asked members of the university to take out their cell phones and hold them up high. “You got a phone?” McAndrew said. “That’s not a phone, it’s a witness. It’s the best witness anyone could get because it has a long near perfect memory and no bias, […]

China sets new regulations for foreign tech companies

The Chinese government has introduced new regulations for foreign technology companies that sell computer equipment to Chinese banks. According to The New York Times, the new rules, outlined in a 22-page document, require foreign tech companies to turn over source code, submit to audits, and build back doors into hardware and software. Read more about […]

Internet of Things driving global connection: Akamai Technologies

The so-called Internet of Things continues to show growth, and is expected to drive positive impacts on internet usage, IP address consumption, and internet traffic, according to the Akamai Technologies’ third-quarter 2014 State of the Internet report. “One need only look to sheer number of connected device and smart home-related announcements that came out of […]