Companies unprepared to measure incident response

Companies struggle to keep up with and respond to cyberattacks due to lack of resources, according to Demisto. For example, more than 40 percent of respondents said their organizations are not prepared to measure incident response, and only 14.5 percent of respondents are measuring MTTR (Mean Time to Respond). Read about the new report by Demisto […]

Counting the cost of data breaches in South Africa

A new report by IBM Security and Ponemon Institute finds that the average cost of a data breach in South Africa is R32.36 million – a 12% increase from 2016. The study found that these data breaches cost companies on average R1,632 per lost or stolen record. Read about the new report by IBM Security and Ponemon […]

Study: Employers aware of cybersecurity threats but not proactive enough

A new study by CompTIA found that only 29% of businesses said they were proactive about fighting cyber attacks, with emphasis on detecting and responding to them, according to an email sent to HR Dive. The Evolution of Security Skills also found that another 34% combine a strong defense with some proactive measures. Read about […]

Modern threat landscape: Seismic shifts in motivation and focus

Cybercriminals revealed new levels of ambition in 2016 – a year marked by extraordinary attacks, including multi-million dollar virtual bank heists and overt attempts to disrupt the U.S. electoral process by state-sponsored groups, according to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR), Volume 22. Read about the new report called Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR), Volume […]

Protecting Data No Longer Just An IT Problem According To Centrify-Commissioned Ponemon Study

When it comes to the biggest threats facing UK companies, IT practitioners and CMOs both believe a data breach ranks at the top, behind poor customer service, as it relates to their company’s reputation and brand value. Yet 39 per cent (IT) and 36 per cent (CMOs) don’t believe that brand protection is taken seriously […]

Aussie enterprises reactive to security needs to combat data breaches

And Australia and a majority of its Asia Pacific counterparts — 55% to be precise — do not conduct risk assessment studies as a precautionary measure and say they will only do so if there was a security breach or suspected breach. Read about the new study conducted by Frost & Sullivan which reveals that […]

ISACA Finds Cybersecurity Skills Gap Leaves 25% of Orgs Exposed

Evolving cybersecurity threats pose dangers to numerous industries, including healthcare, but a recent survey indicates that there is a cybersecurity skills gap that leaves entities exposed for months at a time. Over one-third of respondents – 37 percent – reported that fewer than 1 in 4 candidates have the qualifications employers need to keep companies secure, […]

Smart power grid technology may be prone to hacking: study

Smart grid technology – such as management systems in power plants – may be prone to hacking, say scientists who delved into “nightmare” scenarios where hackers exploit security weaknesses and execute a disruptive plan of cyberattacks. Reliability measures of electrical grid has risen to a new norm as it involves physical security and cybersecurity. Read about […]

Study Finds Companies May Do Too Much For Data Breach Victims

A recent study at the University of Arkansas suggests that organizations should avoid doing too much for individuals affected by a data breach. That is, when organizations provide compensation to breach victims that exceeds the victims’ expectations it could backfire. Read about the new study by University of Arkansas which reveals that businesses are over reacting […]

Average European firm loses £3M per year from critical IT events

The average European organisation loses more than £3 million of pounds every year from 36 critical IT events, according to a new study. A critical IT event occurs when a business application or infrastructure is down or has a malfunction. This results in a business process being halted, or users left unable to reasonably carry out […]