10 Free or Low-Cost Security Tools

Read Kelly Sheridan list top ten free or low-cost security tools for small and medium businesses on Dark Reading : Security spending is on the rise, but allocating funds remains a challenge. Systems are expensive and skilled talent — if you can find it — comes at a high price. A new wave of tools, from low-cost […]

SMB Security Trends for 2017

The Channel Company recently carried out a study to understand the security outlook of mid-market companies. Presented and discussed at the XChange Solution Provider 2017 event’s Security University, it states that investments in cloud, secure networks, data security, endpoint etc. are bound to grow. Read the small and medium business cyber security trends for 2017 […]

Congress addresses cyberwar on small business: 14 million hacked over last 12 months

A bill making its way through the U.S. Senate proposes to do what cybersecurity experts say is long overdue: Create a set of resources and guidelines small businesses can use to protect themselves from a steadily increasing number of cyberattacks. Read about the new bill placed in US Senate for small and medium business cyber […]

Why Hacking Is a Big Problem for Small Businesses

The names of the companies in the headlines recently for hacks have been the major-league brands of big business: Sony, Target and Home Depot. But small businesses shouldn’t think for a minute that because the hackers are hunting elephants, they won’t bother snatching up a few meerkats. According to the Guardian’s reporting on a McAfee […]

Cyber Liability Insurance 101: Make Sure Your Business Is Protected

In recent weeks, we have learned that the electronics and entertainment giant, Sony, is not impervious to e-mail hacks. Just this week, the Twitter and YouTube accounts for the U.S. Central Command were hacked, with many wondering whether ISIS supporters or ISIS sympathizers were to blame. Read more to know whether your enterprise is secured […]

FireEye CEO: More Firms Looking to Cybersecurity Vendor for Operational Guidance

Cybersecurity firm FireEye Inc. says it is increasingly called upon to advise companies about more than what security product they should buy. Companies now request counsel on a number of business issues, such as whether they have the right level of liability insurance for their directors and officers, or if board members have an appropriate […]

Protecting Your Small Business From Hackers

Following the JPMorgan Chase, Target and Home Depot incidents, we are well aware the ramifications of being hacked or falling victim to a security breach are extremely costly. Not only do these incidents put individuals, households and small businesses at risk, but these companies are also left with a hefty tab to try and fix […]