3 tips to secure your connected home

Read Seth Rosenblatt list 3 tips that help you secure your smart home on Parallax Blog : Google’s voice-activated Assistant is about to get an impressive power boost. At its annual Google I/O developer conference here Tuesday, the company revealed a new Assistant feature that can carry out an entire phone conversation on your behalf. […]

Protect your home with these 8 smart security systems

As fun as smart home technology can be, there is a more serious side — security systems. These can start off as simple as a single camera in your hallway, focused on the door, ready to record and alert you when it sees an unfamiliar face. Door and window sensors can alert you when they […]

The best wireless security cameras on the market

Do you worry about what’s going on at home when you’re not there? Maybe you worry about intruders breaking in, fret that the dog is chewing up the new pillows, or fear that the kids won’t make it home from school in one piece. Home security cameras can give you peace of mind whether you’re […]

Amazon now offers a smart home security installation service

Earlier today, we revealed that Amazon is bumping up the price of a Prime subscription by 20 percent, but this is not the only news coming from the online giant. A newly discovered and little-advertised portal on the Amazon site finds the company offering smart home security installation services. Ranging in price from $240 to […]

Smart home suites match up devices for security and convenience

Are you looking for ways to make your home smarter and safer? Then check out these hand-picked smart home product suites. They’re expansive, easy to use, and overall good options if you don’t know where to start. Read/see the slideshow of Smart Home devices which can help you stay secure on ZDNet.

4 things to consider before making your home smart

Read Taylor Martin explain things you should consider before going for smart home tech on CNet : A home full of automations and smart devices in every room sounds about as futuristic it gets. A voice-controlled oven, a TV that doubles as art or an indoor garden that practically manages itself — it all sounds […]

Tech advances making it easier to make any home a ‘smart home’

Read Jean McClelland explain how tech advances are making it easy for buyers to go for a smart home on Williamson Daily News : There was a time that if you wanted a voice controlled “smart house,” walls had to be invaded, wires laid and gadgets attached. With improvements made over the last few years […]

Top Apps To Provide Security To Your Homes

Right from magic eye door camera to the ringing bells and now to the home security systems, the world of tech has everything that we use to refer as safety. The confluence of technology with some of the most amazing applications has brought a surprise package to us that makes it easy to keep our […]

People Still Skeptical About Smart Home Security: Survey

Many consumers are still skeptical about smart home security and are more confident in traditional solutions than cutting-edge hardware communicating with the World Wide Web, according to a new survey conducted by PCMag. The research itself isn’t based on any representative sample of people, with all of its data being presented as an overview of […]

Which Smart Home Security Device Do You Trust? Readers Weigh In

When it comes to keeping their homes safe, consumers trust smart home security devices to keep them safe, but only 17 percent currently have them installed in their houses, according to a new survey from PCMag. Of the 1,500 people surveyed, 17 percent own smart home security devices; 14 percent either plan to buy one […]