Digital Transformation, Innovation and Security

Digital transformation and innovation are forcing changes to organizations’ cyber-security strategies, according to new research. Respondents to the survey also indicated that financial and customer information, brand reputation, intellectual property and employee information are critical assets they must protect against breaches. Read/see the slideshow explaining how digital transformation, innovation and cyber security is co-related on […]

Do Security Pros Need a Single Unifying Platform?

A new study finds that cyber-security professionals want to protect their data with a single unifying platform, rather using piecemeal tools. Despite making heavy investments in security tools, organizations suffer technical challenges in protecting their data. Read/see the slideshow explaining why the security pros need a single unifying platform on CIO Insight.

How much is a data breach going to cost you?

A recent IBM study found that the average cost of a data breach has hit $4 million—up from $3.8 million in 2015. There are countless factors that could affect the cost of a data breach in your organization, and it’s virtually impossible to predict the exact cost. You might be able to estimate a range […]

5 Things Security Pros Need To Know About Machine Learning

The concept of machine learning has been around for decades. Machine Learning (ML) is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Industries and government agencies working with large amounts of data are using machine learning technology to glean insights from this data in real time. […]

6 critical security best practices for providers

Information security firm ID Experts recently asked several thought leaders, which included attorneys, insurance executives and security professionals, to share their best practices on preparing for and responding to a data breach. Here is what they want you to know. Read/see the slideshow explaining ht six critical security best practices for healthcare sector firms on […]

The 7 Most Sensational Breaches Of 2016

Remember when mega-breaches of hundreds of millions of people’s credit card numbers seemed to be the worst attackers could throw at enterprises. What a quaint time that was. This last year has seen a drastic drop in those kinds of wholesale breaches. Read/see the slideshow showing the 7 most sensational data breaches of 2016 on […]

5 ways data classification can prevent an education data breach

The explosion of data in the education sector can help institutions streamline and improve access to student and user records, as well as creating new efficiencies that reduce administrative tasks, while reaching more students with better and more targeted curriculum. Read/see the slideshow explaining how data classification can help prevent a education data breach on […]

Kaspersky Lab Study Examines Top Enterprise Data Breach Risks

There are many different viewpoints when it comes to IT security and the causes of enterprise data insecurity. In an effort to help provide some insight into how organizations around the world perceive security, Kaspersky Lab conducted a global study with B2B International of more than 4,000 business representatives from 25 countries Read/see the slideshow […]

Deficient Security Gives Cyber-Attackers Free Rein

Cyber-attackers often enjoy unconstrained time in an organization’s network because they outpace their victims’ ability to respond, according to a new report. But if companies limit intruders’ time to wreak havoc, forcing them to make decisions under pressure, the hackers are more likely to be discovered and taken down. Read/see the slide show explaining how […]

7 ways to take back control of your cloud strategy

In 2015, 35 percent of IT spend was managed outside of IT departments, and by 2017, Gartner predicts that CMOs alone will spend more on IT services than CIOs. This includes both insecure and secure cloud apps and services that employees and business units are increasingly adopting without ITs knowledge or oversight – a movement […]