To Ensure Cloud Security for the Future, Employee Education Must Improve Today

According to ESG’s 2018 annual global survey of the state of IT, more than half (51 percent) of respondents said their organization had a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills. The need for these professionals is expected to increase, widening the shortage. As the volume of data that organizations collect and store continues to increase and, […]

5 Ways to Better Use Data in Security

The current silo-style organization of threat researchers reviewing logs in one place, threat hunters in another, and the data scientists in yet another silo working on algorithms, just doesn’t cut it anymore with today’s security threats. Security teams need to get smarter with how they use and manage all types of data. That’s because the […]

3 Ways to Maximize Security and Minimize Business Challenges

While security professionals like to think that a “network is a network,” in truth, every network is bespoke – formed from accepted design patterns, business requirements, organic growth and designer preference. Consequently, it’s not feasible to choose security tools with the mindset of, “If I just had this network intrusion detection system (NIDS) and that […]

RSA 2018: In the Golden Age of Cyber Crime we have a People Problem

Our people issue today in the cyber industry is simple: lack of qualified human capital. It is estimated by Ponemon Institute that by 2020, we will have 1.8 million cyber jobs left unfilled. It is bad enough we are living in the Golden Age of Cyber Crime, where deterrence is lacking, the threat surface is […]

The cybersecurity skills gap caused 40% of IT pros to stall their cloud migrations

Though virtually all organizations are moving some assets to the cloud, a lack of cybersecurity talent is slowing migration for 40% of IT professionals, according to a new report from McAfee. Of the 1,400 IT professionals surveyed worldwide, 97% said their organization is using some type of cloud service—up from 93% last year. However, those […]

What’s your security story? How to use security as a sales tool

Security teams often believe that their job is security, not process efficiency, and definitely not business profitability. And subsequently they are viewed as technical risk managers tasked with prevention instead of growth, compliance in place of strategy, and implementing technical solutions instead of encouraging culture change. Information security is perceived as a cost center, and […]

Secure software development practices for developers, organizations and technology users

SAFECode announced today the publication of the Fundamental Practices for Secure Software Development: Essential Elements of a Secure Development Life Cycle Program (Third Edition). The authoritative best practices guide was written by SAFECode members to help software developers, development organizations and technology users initiate or improve their software assurance programs and encourage the industry-wide adoption of fundamental […]

Is Security Accelerating Your Business?

There’s a fundamental push and pull between business and security that has introduced friction over the years. With data breaches commonplace, security requirements have continued to grow in scope and, in many cases, have slowed the ability of businesses to release to market faster. Business leaders often view security as a necessity in a world […]

How to Invest in Your Employees to Strengthen IT Security for Your Business

As we barrel further into the digital age, IT security carries increasing importance to the operation of your business. IT services now represent both the hub of business operations and the primary line of defense for most companies. Accordingly, it is crucial that your employees understand the centrality IT services and security play to the […]

Excessive alerts, outdated metrics, lead to over-taxed security operations centers

A new study, conducted by 360Velocity and Dr. Chenxi Wang, found that excessive alerts, outdated metrics, and limited integration lead to over-taxed security operations centers (SOCs). The study was conducted over the span of three months, interviewing security practitioners from enterprise companies in a cross-section of industries: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), retail, financial services, healthcare, consumer services, and high […]