#RSAC: Cybersecurity Industry Keeps Making the Same Mistakes

IBM Security’s global executive security advisor recommends looking at the past to shape the future of the cybersecurity industry. In a presentation titled ‘Avoiding Cybersecurity Groundhog Day’, Diana Kelley, global executive security advisor at IBM Security, called for the cybersecurity industry to start looking at the past to stop making the same mistakes. Read about the […]

Industrial control systems top threat to UK cyber security

Vulnerabilities in industrial control systems commonly used by suppliers of critical national infrastructure are potentially the biggest threats to UK cyber security, according to a cyber defence expert. Read why Azeem Aleem of RSA says that industrial control systems are a top threat to United Kingdom cyber security on Computer Weekly.

RSA and the expanding hole in cybersecurity

Read Tom Foremski’s article about the RSA conference in San Francisco on ZDNet. There were record numbers of people, exhibitors, talks and awards at the recent RSA Security show in San Francisco. Yet we have widening security holes in enterprise systems that continue to be discovered and exploited. Read his full article here.

RSA Conference: Lessons from a Billion Breached Data Records

Troy Hunt sees more breached records than most of us, running the popular ethical data breach search service “Have I been pwned.” In a session at the RSA Conference this week, Hunt entertained the capacity crowd with tales both humorous and frightening about breaches that he has been involved with. Read more about the experts […]

It’s ‘Code Red’ as cyber-security pros gather

Cybersecurity threats are now a household worry, putting the thousands of professionals who flock to the annual RSA cybersecurity conference here in an unusually influential position. “The threat level is now Code Red,” said Avivah Litan, a security analyst with Gartner, a consulting company. Familiar threats, such as hacking by groups backed by governments, are not […]

Cyber warriors see politics muddying security efforts

President Donald Trump has vowed to improve cyberattack defence, but security experts meeting this week say a fractious domestic and international political landscape could hamstring efforts to improve internet security. As the White House mulls an executive order on cybersecurity to combat an epidemic of data breaches and hacks, participants at the annual RSA Conference voiced […]

Bruce Schneier: It’s time for internet-of-things regulation

Security expert Bruce Schneier called for the creation of a new government agency that focuses on internet-of-things regulation, arguing that “the risks are too great, and the stakes are too high” to do nothing. During a wide-ranging talk on internet-of-things regulation and security at RSA Conference 2017, Schneier, CTO of IBM Resilient, made the case that […]

RSA aims to balance business needs, risk, cybersecurity

RSA Security is outlining a cybersecurity lineup and architecture that aims to balance business needs, manage risk, and prioritize incident response. At its namesake conference in San Francisco, RSA, owned by Dell Technologies, said its architecture is aimed at being proactive, managing risk, and putting security decisions in the context of the overall business. The trick […]

Here’s What to Expect at RSA 2017

Read Robert Hackett’s article about what we can expect from RSA 2017 conference on Fortune : I will be attending the RSA conference in San Francisco this upcoming week, along with my Fortune colleagues Jeff John Roberts and Jonathan Vanian. The security event, which started as a colloquy for cryptographers in 1991, has since mushroomed into a […]

RSA 2017: The Internet of Things security threat

Read Tim Greene’s article about how Internet of Things security threat would form central theme of RSA 2017 on Network World : RSA Conference 2017 will take on the threat posed by the internet of things, something that was demonstrated last fall by the DDoS attacks that took down Dyn data centers and many of […]