‘Sizable Proportion’ Of U.K. Businesses Have No Formal Approach On Cyber Security

The U.K. government could be forgiven rising levels of frustration when it comes to the approach taken by many businesses on cyber security. Read about the new  Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017, commissioned by the U.K. government as part of its National Cyber Security Program which reveals that most businesses in United Kingdom dont have […]

Federal cybersecurity needs a paradigm shift

Read why Dave McClure says that United States federal security needs a paradigm shift on FCW : Insecure. Vulnerable. Victimized. Reactive. In many ways, the current cybersecurity prevention theme focuses on security itself as an end game. This focus accentuates what constitutes bad cybersecurity and the ensuing risks to high-value business assets. But there’s a new […]

Oil, gas operators could be vulnerable to hackers

In the vast network of data, drilling and pipes that’s made Marcellus shale an international energy reserve, computer attacks pose a serious threat. Hackers target energy companies all the time because of the information and technology involved, but the public rarely hears about it, said Paul Kurtz, CEO of TruSTAR Technology, a Washington startup that […]

20% of Security Operations are Woefully Unprepared for Attacks

Given that the cost of data breaches has increased 96% since 2011, it’s time that security operations move out of IT and gain the direction from upper management. That’s especially true given that a disturbing majority of them are immature and underprepared for the threat landscape. That’s the assessment from HP, whose 2015 report on […]