Standards and Security: The Great DDoS Challenge

Read Sally Long explain why DDoS attacks present a great challenge for cyber security on Infosec Magazine : Whether or not you work in IT security, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are becoming more visible by the day. In the last three months of 2016 alone, DDoS attacks greater than 100Gbps increased by 140% […]

8 Unusual Bug Bounty Programs Offering Big Bucks

Tech is no longer confined to Silicon Valley, and neither are dangerous exploits. In its early days, the Internet was more Wild Wild West than World Wide Web. It was a new and insecure frontier full of pseudonyms and scammers eager to take advantage of unsuspecting early adopters. Read about the 8 unusual bug bounty programs […]

Deficient Security Gives Cyber-Attackers Free Rein

Cyber-attackers often enjoy unconstrained time in an organization’s network because they outpace their victims’ ability to respond, according to a new report. But if companies limit intruders’ time to wreak havoc, forcing them to make decisions under pressure, the hackers are more likely to be discovered and taken down. Read/see the slide show explaining how […]

Driverless Cars A Threat To National Security

Read why driverless cars are a threat to the national security on Pymnts : Residents of Pittsburgh are about to see their city become the testing ground for Uber’s driverless cars, and perhaps, this once town of steel is sturdy enough to withstand any potential cyberattacks. According to Reuters, the U.S. Justice Department has created […]

3 Ways Your Employees Can Bankrupt Your Business With Your Technology

Read  Kyle Cebull explain the three ways in which your employees can bankrupt your business with your technology on Business2Community : Seems a little extreme, doesn’t it? A single employee taking down your entire organization and putting it out of business, but we’ve seen it happen. Downtime is no business’ friend and for many businesses […]