Ransomware is likely most devastating cybersecurity threat ever faced

Read Bill Dean’s article about why ransomware is the most devastating cyber security threat ever faced on Tennessean : The notoriety of ransomware is so great that the United States Department of Health and Human Services has issued guidance specific to this threat, and the FBI has confirmed the devastation of ransomware, indicating that no industry […]

How to better ensure company information is secure

Read Roger Ruvolo’s article about how companies can ensure that their information is safe on Press Enterprise : A hacker released the first nine episodes of the new season of the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black” when Netflix refused to pay a ransom demand. The breach late last month was not the result […]

6 reasons why there will be another OPM-style hack

Read Ira Winkler give six reasons as to why there will be another OPM style hack in near future on Computer World : The hack of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management didn’t surprise me. All significant organizations are regularly attacked, and every major federal agency is a big target. The outrage that followed this […]

Time to limit Internet of Everything?

Bringing down a plane carrying hundreds of passengers doesn’t require a suicidal pilot, a missile or a terrorist bomb. Apparently, a guy with a computer may be able to pull it off by hacking into the airliner’s entertainment system. This has scary implications not just for air travel but for the entire Internet of Everything […]