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Data breaches wouldn’t be a big deal if we prepared better for the inevitable

Read Paul Muschick’s article about how companies can prepare themselves for inevitable data breach on The Morning Call :

It’s time to get over the Equifax data breach. That sounds strange coming from the Watchdog, but hear me out. While there’s no excuse for the bone-headed security breakdown at Equifax that potentially exposed 145 million Americans’ most-sensitive information to hackers, there’s nothing that even the savviest consumer could have done to prevent it.

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How can a hypervisor deployment avoid security risks?

Read Judith Myerson explain how hypervisor deployment can help companies security risks on Tech Target :

The risks of a hypervisor deployment include faulty implementation of hypervisor modules and configuration errors. These risks stem from the multiple ways the hypervisor virtualizes hardware resources to execute multiple computer stacks or virtual machines (VMs).

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Who’s really responsible for cloud security?

Read Colby Proffitt’s article about who should be responsible for cloud security on GCN :

It’s been seven years since the Office of Management and Budget mandated that federal agencies adopt a cloud-first policy, yet it’s no surprise this major change is still a work in progress. While the cloud brings benefits, security remains a particular area of concern, because it’s not always clear who’s responsible for securing what.

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The Internet of Things could easily be the Internet of Threats

Read why  Aseem Ahmed says that Internet of Things could easily become a cyber trap for businesses on Economic Times :

The Internet of Things (IoT), unlike SMAC (Social Mobile Analytics Cloud), moved faster from being an industry buzzword to reality. However, what needs to be examined is whether businesses are prepared to fully leverage IoT.

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Maritime Cyber Security: The Wrong Formula

Read why says that perimeter defense is a wrong strategy for maritime cyber security on Marine Link :

For many industries, cyber security is about target hardening and perimeter defense. This makes sense, as cyber security is implemented in much the same way that physical security is implemented. We often think of it in terms of the medieval castle design, which translates to defense in depth in modern vernacular.

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Fred Kwong: The Psychology of Being a CISO

When Fred Kwong’s friends had Nintendo game systems, his home had a PC. The household computer sparked an early interest in technology, which persisted throughout the long, winding, sometimes blocked road that eventually led to his role as CISO of Delta Dental.

Read Fred Kwong of Delta Dental explains his approach to cybersecurity and how he applies his liberal arts background to his current role on Dark Reading.