New Mexico Enacts Data Breach Notification Law

On April 6, 2017, New Mexico became the 48th state to enact a data breach notification law; the Data Breach Notification Act (the “Act”) will go into effect on June 16, 2017. Read about the newly enacted data breach notification law by New Mexico on JDSupra.

Australia: What is a mandatory data breach notification?

Read Tal Williams and Lucy Williams explain what a mandatory data breach notification means for any business on Mondaq : If you store personal information of any kind you have strict obligations under the Privacy Act not to disclosure that information to third parties. Systems, however, can be breached. Read their full article here.

New Mexico soon to have data breach statute

New Mexico is a gubernatorial signature away from becoming the nation’s 48th state to pass a data breach notification law, according to a post on the website of global law firm Morgan Lewis. Read more about the new data breach notification law about to be passed by New Mexico on SC Magazine.

Data Breach Notifications: What’s Optimal Timing?

Read Mathew J. Schwartz’s article about the optimal timing of when companies should notify users and authorities of data breach incident on Bank Info Security : Question: How quickly do organizations have to notify oversight agencies or affected consumers after they suffer a data breach? Answer: It depends. “Not too soon, not too late.” Read his […]

New Mexico and its New Data Breach Notification Law

Read Montserrat Miller explain the complete details of the New Mexico data breach notification law on JDSupra : We are almost to a point where all 50 states and the District of Columbia will have some form of data breach notification law on their books to protect residents’ personally identifying information (PII) in the event of […]

Organisations struggle over which data breaches to confess to under new laws

According to Telstra’s chief privacy officer, Jason Holandsjo, the Australian Information Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim isn’t a reasonable person. But it wasn’t a cheap shot. The two were part of a panel trying to help telecommunications companies unpack the Commonwealth’s new law requiring many Australian organisations to notify the Information Commissioner and affected individuals when certain kinds […]

New Mexico Passes Data Breach Notification and Protection Bill

On March 16, 2017, the New Mexico state legislature passed a bill requiring that New Mexico residents be notified if their “personal identifying information” was affected by a breach of electronic data. Upon signature of the bill, New Mexico will join 47 other states requiring such notification, and the only states remaining without notification laws […]

Ransomware rising, but where are all the breach reports?

Presence Health set the bar high with its $475,000 settlement with the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights earlier this year. The settlement, announced January 9, 2017, is the first HIPAA monetary enforcement on a healthcare organization for untimely breach reporting, according to HHS. Read how despite rising ransomware attacks, the […]

Data Breach 101, Part I: Data Breach Notification Laws

In 2017, there are few words that make companies – and their counsel – shudder more than “data breach.” Recent high-profile breaches and the resulting litigation have shown that breaches can be embarrassing, harmful to a company’s brand, and extremely expensive to handle – both in terms of response costs and, potentially, damages paid to […]

​How Australia’s ‘Essential Eight’ sets the standard for sensitive data protection and breach notification

Read Christopher Strand explain how the Australia’s new data breach law sets the standard for sensitive data protection and notification on CSO Online : Globally, more and more jurisdictions are releasing mandates that will have a substantial impact on companies regarding breach notification and the protection of sensitive data. One of those cyber security mandates put into […]