Equifax data breach — here’s what we can learn from it

Although data breaches and cyber attacks have flooded the news for several years, the revelation that 143 million Equifax customer records were breached still raises eyebrows and a lot of concern. Read about the lessons organisations can take from the massive Equifax data breach on The Hill.

7 Takeaways From The Equifax Data Breach

The exposure of PII belonging to 143 million US consumers raises questions about the continued use of SSNs as identifiers, breach liability and app sec spending. Read Jai Vijayan list seven lessons we can take away from the Equifax Data Breach in a slideshow on Dark Reading.

Swedish Government’s major data leak: lessons for the enterprise

Read Nick Ismail explain the lessons that businesses can learn from the Swedish government’s latest data breach on Information Age : In July 2017, the Swedish Government disclosed that it had leaked the details of nearly all of its citizens after information from the country’s driving licence database was made available. Read his full article […]

Game of Thrones cyber security breach a lesson to us all

Read Leanna Byrne explain why Game of Thrones cyber security breach can be a lesson to organisations on Business Post : It’s bad enough having to avoid colleagues at work or friends dishing out spoilers on social media, but now the hackers are ruining it for us too. Read her full article here.

What can IT professionals learn from the HBO hack?

According to US media reports, the HBO hack at the beginning of this month is turning out to be more than the initially suggested leaks of a few unaired TV show episodes. One Variety report said that a “security company [IP Echelon] hired by HBO to scrub search results for the hacked files from search engines […]

5 lessons small business should learn from recent cyber attacks

Read David Geer list five lessons that small and medium businesses should learn from recent cyber attacks on The Next Web : If the recent cyber attacks have taught us anything, it is that most people are dangerously unprepared for them. Cyber security should be at the forefront of virtually every industry yet it is […]

Anthem Class Suit Highlights Data Breach Risks

A June 28 article in Bloomberg BNA’s Privacy Law Watch and other publications, “Anthem Class Suit Highlights Data Breach Risks,” reported that Anthem Inc.’s recent $115 million settlement to resolve a 2015 data breach shows that healthcare companies that experience data breaches need to prepare for more than just federal government penalties. Day Pitney healthcare attorney Eric […]

Ransomware attacks: Here’s what we need to learn from WannaCry and Petya

Read an article about the lessons companies can learn from the recent WannaCry and Petya ransomware attacks on Tech Republic : Two massive ransomware attacks in less than two months have caused chaos across the globe. First came WannaCry—which hit the UK’s NHS particularly hard—and likely infected about 300,000 PCs worldwide — and this week […]

Prepare for an attack: lessons learned from Verizon-Yahoo ordeal

Read Imran Ahmad and Ashley-Rose Gillespie’s article about the lessons businesses can learn from the Verizon-Yahoo deal on Plant : As hackers become more sophisticated, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” companies will be targeted by cyber criminals. Is your company ready to respond to attacks? Being poorly prepared could lead to the same fate […]

Lessons learnt – SMEs share their cyber attack stories

Read Nicole Kobie share some of cyber attack instances on small and medium businesses on Telegraph : Most people who are trying to protect their business from cyber attacks and malware that has run amok will turn to consultants and the security industry, but there’s another group worth asking for advice: those who have actually […]