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Twelve States File First Multistate Healthcare Data Breach Lawsuit

State Attorneys General from a dozen states have filed a lawsuit against several health IT companies, and their subsidiaries, alleging that poor security practices led to theft of protected health information (PHI) of 3.9 million individuals during a data security incident in 2015.

The 66-page complaint names four companies or subsidiaries, the state AGs allege that the companies failed to take “adequate and reasonable measures” to ensure their computer systems were protected. The lawsuit marks the first time state Attorneys General have joined together to pursue a HIPAA-related (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) multistate data breach case in federal court.

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When the Data Thief is a Company

Read Paul Roberts explain what happens when the data breach is caused by your own competition on Digital Guardian :

Two recent lawsuits highlight the risk of data theft by competitors. We’re used to thinking about the problem of data theft as one driven by straight-up cyber criminals: shadowy operators from overseas who want to siphon off easily saleable data like credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers, user names and passwords.

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