The Most Dangerous People on the Internet Right Now

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! If only the internet had its own version of Lost in Space’s robot to herald every lurking hazard or menace with an unequivocal warning. Unfortunately Robot B-9 isn’t available. So in his absence we’ve compiled a list of candidates we consider to be this year’s most dangerous. We’ve taken a broad […]

Researchers to give internet security layer

It could give every internet user access to simple encryption – and make the internet a far more secure place. Scientists at Scentrics, working with University College London, say they have created an algorithm that can guarantee total privacy for everything from emails and text messages. Called ‘the construct’, they hope the system could be […]

Who’s Behind The Internet Outages In North Korea, Anyway?

North Korea blamed the U.S. and called President Obama a “monkey” today when both the Internet and mobile network went down for the third time this week. However, it’s still not clear who’s behind the Internet outages. “Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest,” said the National […]

North Korea’s internet access unstable

Just a few days after President Obama said the U.S. would react proportionately to North Korea’s likely role in the Sony breach, access to the internet within the country has been unstable the past 24 hours, according to the website North Korea Tech. While network outages are not uncommon in North Korea – owing to […]

Pew: Internet privacy is a fantasy, will merely be a ‘fetish’ by 2025, according to experts

If you’re still holding out hope for the preservation of “Internet privacy,” you may need to adjust your ideals a bit. The future of online privacy is cloudy, and policymakers and technology innovators have a weighty task on their hands – one they’re likely to fumble. This is one of the overarching findings of a […]