How Internet Disruptions Cripple Organizations

The vast majority of organizations have experienced a significant internet disruption within the last 12 months, according to a recent survey from Dyn. The accompanying report, the “Internet Disruption Study,” indicates that the most common causes for these interruptions include network outages, provider outages, unplanned maintenance, hardware failures and configuration problems. Read/see the sideshow explaining […]

Cyber Attack Takes Liberia’s Entire Internet Down

A cyber attack has knocked Liberia’s internet offline, as hackers targeted the nation’s infrastructure using the same method that shut down hundreds of the world’s most popular websites at the end of last month. Read about how a cyber attack took down the entire Internet infrastructure of Liberia on Information Security Buzz.

Some notes on today’s DNS DDoS

We lack details. As a techy, I want to know the composition of the traffic. Is it blindly overflowing incoming links with junk traffic? Or is it cleverly sending valid DNS requests, overloading the ability of servers to respond, and overflowing outgoing link (as responses are five times or more as big as requests). Such […]

Editorial: Internet hacking is a threat to all

Twenty years ago, had someone told the clients of the Central Ohio Urology Group that their names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance providers and other personal information would be stolen and posted worldwide — on something called Twitter, on something called the Web, by someone called “ hackers”… who are in Ukraine — they’d have considered […]

The Internet’s outward facing threats to enterprise security

Read Kacy Zurkus explain how enterprise security in vulnerable to different threats on CSO Online : For many years there has been an ongoing debate about immunizations for children. The argument for immunization is rooted in the reality that we are all interconnected. We can, unknowingly, spread viruses and infections through hand shakes, sneezes, coughs. Read […]

Final Thoughts on China’s World Internet Conference

Read Adam Segal’s coverage of the World Internet Conference and its key takeaways on CFR Blog : The big takeaway from the second annual World Internet Conference was Xi’s speech and his promotion of cyber sovereignty, which I wrote about here. The rest of the meeting was a bit of letdown, though the infrastructure and logistics were […]

We Say We Want Privacy Online, But Our Actions Say Otherwise

Read why Leslie John says that though we want privacy online but our actions say otherwise on Harvard Business Review : In polls and surveys, consumers indicate profound and increasing concern for their privacy. Yet from the posting of suggestive photographs on social networking sites to the impulsive broadcasting of illicit activities on Twitter, consumers’ behavior […]

‘Complex beyond anyone’s understanding’: a brief history of internet security

The internet grew from the work of many people over several decades. Few predicted how essential it would become to our lives or the ways that it would make us more vulnerable to scam artists, snoops and spies. Here are some of the milestones in the development of our insecure online world. Read how internet security […]

Hacks and scams are everywhere. Is it time to renovate the Internet?

The protocols that created the Internet in 1973 took Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn just nine months to write. The architecture was known as packet switching: messages were broken into small packets of data with address headers telling them where to go. Then, that data scurried through a web-like network of nodes and recombined at […]

State of the Internet: Attack traffic, DDoS, IPv4 and IPv6

Akamai today released its latest State of the Internet report, which provides insight into key global statistics such as connection speeds and broadband adoption across fixed and mobile networks, overall attack traffic, global 4K readiness, and IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 implementation. Akamai maintains a distributed set of unadvertised agents deployed across the Internet to log […]