Only 13 percent of government employees take personal responsibility for cybersecurity, survey finds

Public sector employees in the U.S. have little concern about their personal cybersecurity responsibilities, according to a survey. Just 13 percent of government employees believe they have complete personal responsibility for the security of their work devices or information, the report carried out by analytics firm YouGov and published by security firm Dtex Systems said. […]

Privilege Abuse Attacks: 4 Common Scenarios

Privileged account abuse is one of the most dangerous threats because it is relatively easy to execute and takes a long time to detect. The 2017 IBM Cost of Data Breach Study disclosed that organizations lost at least $3.62 million on forensic and investigative activities, remediation and legal expenditures associated with security incidents in 2016. But the […]

Insider Threat Seriously Undermining Healthcare Cybersecurity

The healthcare industry’s ability to defend against cyberthreats is being seriously undermined by its own workforce, according to two separate reports released this week. In an analysis of 1,368 security incidents at healthcare organizations in 27 countries, Verizon found that nearly six out of 10 (58%) security incidents involve insiders. That figure, according to Verizon, makes healthcare the only […]

Cybersecurity pros don’t feel equipped to stop insider attacks

Based on interviews with nearly 1,500 cybersecurity professionals over three years, Haystax Technology released a study that makes it clear that organizations are feeling the pressure from insider threats and are ramping up detection, prevention and remediation. “One consistent message we heard in all of these interviews was that cybersecurity professionals don’t feel equipped to stop insider […]

The Hapless User: Secure from the inside out

Over the past few years, we’ve seen several high-profile organisations succumb to crippling security breaches. Each incident acts as a reminder that malicious attackers do not discriminate and no organisation is safe, no matter the size or industry. Organisations are starting to wake up and move security higher up the priority list. Companies are beginning to […]

Leveraging Security to Enable Your Business

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone were trustworthy? No bad guys trying to break in and steal your cyber assets, and everyone is able to do their jobs unobstructed and without fear of negative consequences? That’s when businesses succeed, costs go down, productivity skyrockets, and everyone is happy. Unfortunately, this is not the world we […]

Tackling the insider threat: Where to start?

Many organizations still believe the definition of an insider threat is limited to a rogue employee purposefully leaking embarrassing information, or nuking a couple of systems when he or she quits and walks out the door with internal or customer data to take to a new job. But not all insider threats have to be […]

Insider Threat Programs: A Beginner’s Guide

What your company spent years to develop can be lost in an instant at the hands of one bad intentioned employee. The statistics on employee theft of intellectual property (IP) paint a dark portrait of what employees do when disgruntled, moving on, or stockpiling for a rainy day. William Evanina, the U.S. government’s National Counterintelligence […]

DHS insider breach resulted in theft of personal info of staff and people involved in investigations

The US DHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) has confirmed that the “privacy incident” discovered in May 2017 resulted in the theft of personally identifiable information of DHS employees and individuals associated with investigations. The incident was the result of an attempted inside job by three DHS OIG employees who, according to the New York Times, stole the […]

Security pros waste 10 hours a week due to inefficient systems

Process and software inefficiencies play a major role in slowing down an organization’s ability to detect and respond to cyber threats, according to LogRhythm. Over one-third of IT decision makers say their teams spend at least three hours a day on tasks that could be handled by better software. Additionally, the majority think the average cybersecurity […]