Enterprises (especially retail, hospitality) struggle with payment card data security standards

Enterprises are complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) more, but the number of organizations in compliance is still low enough to leave the door open for cyberattacks, according to Verizon. Read abou the new Verizon report which highlights that more organizations are compliant with PCI DSS, but companies still struggle with […]

How Hotel Cybersecurity Keeps Guests and Data Secure

Read Scott Koegler’s article about cyber security in hotels and resorts on Security Intelligence : Hotels need cybersecurity: Although they don’t have the volume of transactions that big box retail stores do, their transactions are generally larger, and their guests have more at stake than just their groceries. But the personal information hotels store is only […]

In North America, 20% of All Data Breach Incidents Are in the F&B Industry

Trustwave released the 2017 Trustwave Global Security Report which reveals the top cybercrime, data breach and security threat trends from 2016. The report demonstrates both good and bad news in the world of cybersecurity as intrusion detection and breach containment times were relatively better, but other threats like malvertisements became cheaper and malicious spam saw […]

Assessing Risk To Hotels In The Age Of Data Breaches

In their latest article for the New York Law Journal, Todd Soloway, Chair of Pryor Cashman’s Hotel + Hospitality Group, and Partner Bryan Mohler evaluate the risks borne by hotel owners, operators and insurers in the event of a data breach. Read about the cyber risks to hotels on Mondaq.

Assessing Risk to Hotels in the Age of Data Breaches

Read Todd E. Soloway And Bryan T. Mohler’s article about cyber risks faced by hotels on New York Law Journal : With each passing day, the public is inundated with more reports of data breaches affecting companies of all shapes, sizes and types. The hospitality industry has not been spared from exposure to such breaches, […]

Tech-Savvy Innovative Hotels Are More Vulnerable to Data Breaches

Read why Samantha Ahuja and Molly Kacheris say that tech-savvy innovative hotels are more vulnerable to cyber attacks on Hospitality Technology : The race to become the most innovated and tech-savvy hotel is on. Hotels have increasingly begun working with technology companies to offer more innovative and enhanced guest experiences. Guests at many hotels can […]

How Can Hoteliers Protect Themselves from Data Breaches?

The Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), which was hit by a data breach late in 2016, recently reported that a data breach, originally reported around April 17th by security blogger Brian Krebs, was caused by a malware attack. Originally thought to affect a dozen or so properties, the investigation has uncovered that more than 1,200 hotels […]

Who takes responsibility for cyber security in a hotel?

While hotels have a strong handle on the physical security of their guests, are they as dedicated to protecting these guests’ data? According to a recent Trustwave 2016 Global Security Report, the hospitality industry accounted for the second largest share of data compromises among any other last year. Read more about the new Trustwave 2016 Global Security […]

Four Keys to Cyber Security: Protecting restaurants and retailers from data breaches

Read Steve Fredette list four key ways in which restaurants and retails can protect themselves from data breaches on Chain Store Age : Restaurants and retailers around the country continue to be plagued with the threat of cyber-attacks. Target, Eddie Bauer, Walmart, Wendy’s, O’Charley’s, are just a few of the major brands recently affected by data […]

Who Is Liable After a Hotel Data Breach: Owners or Operators?

Read David J. Gellen and Ronald S. Kornreich’s article about who should be liable for hotel data breach on Hospitality Technology : It is no secret that more and more businesses are victims of cybercrime. The hospitality sector is not immune. Due to the numerous ways in which hotels collect guest information, they are major […]