Gmail Users Receive Mysterious Spam Messages From Themselves

You’ve no doubt seen your fair share of spam in your inbox over the years. These days, however, services like Gmail and have sophisticated filters in place that automatically file unwanted messages in the junk bin. That’s why a recent spam incident has left Gmail users scratching their heads. Read about the mysterious new […]

Gmail to rollout physical security option for executive users

Google will soon launch upgraded security options for better protection, according to a recent report. The company is boosting the email protections used to keep sensitive data safe. The changes target executives and politicians and include physical keys. Read about Google’s latest initiative to provide physical security option for executive users in Gmail on Digital […]

China blocks access to Gmail

China, which is no stranger to Internet censorship, is now blocking access to Gmail on an IP level for many of its 1.3 billion citizens. Many of Google’s services, including Gmail, have previously been blocked on a nationwide level in mainland China. In the past, censorship was mostly relegated to YouTube and Google’s search engine, […]

Google starts blocking badly behaving Gmail extensions

How to deal with untrustworthy third-party add-ons that could endanger your own users? Prevent them from loading – if you can. That’s what Google recently did with Gmail extensions that load code that interferes with the users’ Gmail session or malware that can compromise their email’s security. In order to do it, Google has begun […]

Bad actors are using Gmail Drafts to control their bots

Security company Shape Security discovered a new strain of malware which is exploiting Gmail service as a communication channel with control server. Security experts at Shape Security announced to have found a new strain of malware that implements a smart technique to communicate with command and control servers, the commands are hidden in unassuming Gmail […]

Hackers Are Using Gmail Drafts to Update Their Malware and Steal Data

In his career-ending extramarital affair that came to light in 2012, General David Petraeus used a stealthy technique to communicate with his lover Paula Broadwell: the pair left messages for each other in the drafts folder of a shared Gmail account. Now hackers have learned the same trick. Only instead of a mistress, they’re sharing […]