Considerations for Adding FIDO U2F to Your Security Protocol

Read Maxim Sovetkin explain the implications of adding FIDO U2F to your business security protocol on eSecurity Planet : Millions of email and social networking logins and passwords become public almost every month. You don’t have to be an IT guru to realize that a password, no matter how complicated, is no longer an adequate security […]

Universal Multi-Factor Authentication Steps Closer To The Mainstream

The FIDO Alliance today finalized the universal authentication standard and closed on $8.5 million of financing. Users don’t want to type cumbersome passwords on their mobile device (especially when they keep fumbling along with big thumbs on small keys). They don’t want to log in and provide personal data to every site and service. Yet they […]

Can we expect a future free from passwords and PINs?

Global authentication working group the FIDO Alliance has released the final draft of version 1.0 of its authentication specifications, which it hopes will reduce or even end our reliance on passwords for online authentication. FIDO, short for Fast IDentity Online, says its new set of rules for designing interoperable authentication systems should “make authentication simpler […]