Europe continues to be a cybercrime hub

ThreatMetrix announced new data revealing a 30 percent year-on-year increase in the volume of cyberattacks hitting Europe in the first quarter of 2018. As attacks patterns morph across the region, European digital businesses were hit with 80 million fraud attempts, as they experienced more pronounced spikes of peak attack periods throughout Q1 2018 compared to […]

Data of 800,000 Swisscom customers compromised in breach

Swisscom, the biggest telecom company in Switzerland, has suffered a data breach that resulted in the compromise of personal data of some 800,000 customers, i.e., nearly ten percent of the entire Swiss population. “The data accessed included the first and last names, home addresses, dates of birth and telephone numbers of Swisscom customers; contact details […]

Data security and breach notification in Belgium

Article 16(4) of the Act of December 8 1992 on the Protection of Privacy with respect to the Processing of Personal Data (the ‘Data Protection Act’) provides that data controllers and data processors must implement sufficient technical and organisational security measures with respect to the protection of personal data against destruction, accidental loss and any […]

CIOs play a part in Privacy Shield; “promiscuous” users change mobile security

f I asked you of one big think you think is reshaping how companies are securing their employees’ mobile devices, I bet the word “promiscuity” doesn’t come to mind. But this trend of “promiscuous” employees, or those who indiscriminately use their mobile devices for business and personal use along with their enablement and the convergence […]

Economic and InfoSec Implications of Brexit, GDPR

Read Thu Pham’s article about economic and info security implications of Brexit and GDPR on Duo Blog : On Thursday, there will be a major vote on whether Britain will leave the European Union, also known as the portmanteau of the words Britain and exit = “Brexit.” Read her article here.

Borderless Cyber Europe 2016 to emphasize the importance of threat intelligence sharing

On 8-9 September, OASIS will host Borderless Cyber Europe 2016 at the European Commission Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The excitement for this year’s event has been growing since OASIS first launched its Borderless Cyber brand last year in Washington, DC. Read how the Borderless Cyber Europe 2016 conference will emphasize the need for threat intelligence […]

Cyber terrorism big fear for developers

Read why says that cyber terrorism has emerged as the biggest threat for software developers from Europe, Middle East and Africa on The National : Cyber terrorism is the biggest threat faced by software developers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) according to a new report. It comes from market intelligence and strategic planning […]

Elisa says 3% of SMEs have suffered data breach

Finnish operator Elisa and the Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittajiat) have published a study on digitisation and security among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) Read more about the new report by Elisa which reveals that only three percent small and medium enterprises in Europe have suffered data breach on Telecom Paper.

Biggest Fears of European Companies? Malware Ranks First

If you were to put your money on malware infection, you’d be right. According to a series of surveys conducted by ESET at various EMEA security events throughout 2015, 58% of businesses have experienced this kind of incident in the last year. Read about the new survey by ESET which reveals the malware remains the […]

Don’t Sleep On New Data Privacy Regulations

Read why Sanjay Beri says that companies should not sleep over the Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations on Tech Crunch : Chalk it up to the Snowden Effect. Although it has been nearly three years since Edward Snowden turned the world on its head by releasing a trove of highly sensitive documents, the […]