Dealing With Email Security Threats

Although cyber-security issues seemingly become murkier by the day, one thing is very clear: Email is increasingly at the center of enterprise breaches. However, despite perceptions that these attacks mostly originate from the outside, many breaches are connected to internal glitches, breakdowns and problems, according to a February 2017 report from email security vendor Mimecast […]

How to carry out workplace email surveillance

Read explain the rights and obligations for companies monitoring their employees emails on IT Pro : If your business provides corporate email accounts for its staff, you might be tempted to keep tabs on exactly what it is they’re using them for. There are numerous problems email surveillance can help with, including thwarting potential phishing […]

9 Tips To Protect Your Email Account From Hackers

Today email accounts have substituted one’s personal diary and could be described as an easy gateway to enter someone’s personal life. This might be called as a root cause as to why the hackers and cyber criminals target them. Whole amounts of sensitive information related like bank details, social networking site logins and more are stored […]

E-mail still a major cyber-security threat to business

IT security experts are feeling increasingly unprepared and too out-of-date to reasonably defend against e-mail-based threats. E-mail is a vital tool in business and yet, while we are aware of the security dangers it poses, many companies are still not taking strong enough measures to defend against e-mail-based threats. Read why Simeon Tassev of Galix says […]

The Sophisticated Hack: Business Email Compromise

Read Suzzanne Decker’s article on how a business email can be compromised on JD Supra : Gone are the days of the overtly suspicious request from a Nigerian prince asking for your social security number or a friend needing a loan to get out of jail in a foreign country. Read her full article here.

70% of Brits don’t think email is a potential cyber-threat

Over two thirds (69 percent) of British respondents to a recent survey are unaware that they could be vulnerable to cyber-attack simply by opening an email. Almost half admit that they open non-work related or personal emails while at work. An approach such as this means they are “misunderstanding the fundamentals of computer safety,” according to […]

How To Reduce Spam & Phishing With DMARC

While email is a mission-critical communication channel for most companies, it has also become an untrusted one. Thanks to spam and phishing scams, users are taught to be wary of incoming messages. This lack of trust impacts a company’s ability to effectively communicate, market, and sell to customers via email. DMARC (Domain Message Authentication Reporting […]

Efficient Alert Management Lacking in Many Organizations: Report

Security alerts can be highly useful in protecting an organization against a data breach, but inefficient alert management can have serious consequences, a new report shows. The study, conducted by IDC on behalf of FireEye, has revealed that roughly 15% of global organizations face more than 50,000 security alerts each month. In the United States, […]

The importance of email encryption software in the enterprise

Email encryption software products are a specialized security technology for protecting the confidentiality and integrity of email messages and attachments while in transit or in storage. Although the technology has been around for decades, the tools available have made the usability of email encryption better than ever before. Email encryption software attempts to thwart risks […]