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Hackers again target Democratic National Committee

Hackers have again taken aim at the Democratic National Committee. A scheme discovered and shut down Tuesday involved trying to steal usernames and passwords of Democratic Party officials by way of a fake login page for VoteBuilder, the service that hosts the DNC’s voter database.

During the 2016 US presidential election, Russian hackers infiltrated the DNC using a similar “spear phishing” method, according to indictments filed in July against 12 Russian agents. Cyberattacks against the US electoral process have only ramped up since. On Monday, Microsoft said it foiled similar phishing schemes targeting conservative groups.

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Election systems should be considered critical infrastructure

93 percent of security professionals are concerned about cyber-attacks targeting election infrastructure and data, and 81 percent believe cyber criminals will target election data as it is transmitted by machines, software and hardware applications, from local polling stations to central aggregation points, a recent study by Venafi has revealed.

In addition, 95 percent of respondents believe election systems—including voting machines, software and back-end systems—should be considered critical infrastructure.

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Cybersecurity Threats to American Elections

Read  Michael Sulmeyer and Ben Buchanan take a look at the cyber security threats to United States on Lawfare Blog :

My colleague Ben Buchanan and I have written a paper on cybersecurity threats to American elections. While we examine operations that try to influence American voters—like the much-publicized hack of various Democratic Party entities—we also examine threats to voting infrastructure itself.

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How Cyber-Crime Might Affect the 2016 Election Results

Read James R. Lint explain how cyber crime might affect the 2016 United States Presidential election results on Homeland Security :

As someone who has years of experience in cyber intelligence, I tried to ‘war-game’ or predict how one might use cyber to change the results of the 2016 election. Thinking of all the talented white, black, and gray hats who have guided me on thoughts and potential problems that intelligence should review over the years, made this article possible.

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Lack of cybersecurity standards leaves election process vulnerable

Read why Daniel Allen says that lack of cyber security standards makes United States election process vulnerable to hacking on Tech Target :

The 2016 election season has been unique for reasons beyond the U.S. presidential candidates: For the first time, widespread reports of cyberattacks on voting systems and hacks of political organizations’ correspondence are disrupting — and influencing — the U.S. election process.

Read his full article here.

France UMP: Cyber attack fails to halt leadership vote

Members of France’s centre-right UMP party have continued with an online leadership ballot despite an early cyber attack which slowed voting. A complaint was lodged with police after the attack on Friday evening, which may have prevented some members casting their vote.

The party was voting online after fraud accusations beset its last ballot. Nicolas Sarkozy is tipped to win but needs a strong showing to keep his presidential re-election hopes alive. Since Mr Sarkozy’s defeat by Socialist candidate Francois Hollande in the 2012 election, the UMP has struggled to organise as an effective opposition party despite Mr Hollande’s dismal opinion ratings.

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