Average Cost Per Record of US Data Breach in Ed: $245

The average cost of a data breach in the United States rose for the fourth straight year, hitting $225 per compromised record–the highest it has been since 2006, when the Ponemon Institute began to publish research on the topic. Read about the new study by Ponemon Institute which reveals that education sector in United States […]

Big Data: Here’s Why Cyber Security Education Is Essential For MBAs

When TalkTalk, the British telecoms giant, was targeted by hackers recently it cost the business £60 million and the loss of 100,000 customers. Dido Harding, TalkTalk’s chief executive, resigned, although she claimed it was for other reasons. The thieves responsible have since been apprehended by the authorities. But the event still serves as a cautionary tale. Read […]

Healthcare, Education, and Media Industries Most Targeted for Cyber Attacks

As we have seen this week with the Gulf States disinformation campaign involving a media outlet, cyber attacks can threaten brand names and political relationships, as well as national security and the economy. A recent Vectra Networks report indicates that the healthcare, education, and media industries are the most frequently targeted for cyber attacks, with media organizations in […]

How Artificial Intelligence Will Solve The Security Skills Shortage

Read Gunter Ollmann’s article about how artificial intelligence will solve cyber security skill shortage on Dark Reading : Unlike industries that fear the intrusion of AI, the infosec world is embracing this revolutionary technology, and the seismic changes it will bring to threat detection and mitigation. Read his full article here.

Security and Technology Literacy Go Hand in Hand

Read why Lori MacVittie says that security and technology literacy go hand in hand on Trip Wire : ‘Twas just the season when millions of unsuspecting consumers unwittingly courted disaster by gorging their digital appetites on gadgets, gizmos, and whiz bangs that delight kids of all ages with their digital magic. Read her full article here.

Cyber Threat Awareness Education: A Priority for 2017

Because cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, bolstering employee and customer awareness and training about ransomware, phishing and other cyber risks must be a top priority in 2017, says Curt Kwak, CIO of Proliance Surgeons, which operates more than 100 care centers in the state of Washington. Read why Curt Kwak of Proliance Surgeons says […]

3 Cybersecurity Tools to Protect Colleges Against Sophisticated Cyber Threats

Protecting sensitive information can feel like running on a treadmill: No matter how hard higher education IT professionals work to get ahead, hackers seem to keep gaining ground. Despite ongoing investments in cybersecurity, attackers continue to set new records. Read about the top three cyber security tools which very educational institution should have to counter cyber […]

To Minimize Cyber Risk, Organizations Should Focus on Education

Read why Jeffrey Rice says that companies should strengthen their cyber education policies to minimize cyber risks on Insurance Journal : Information security is not an easily digestible topic. The “what” is simple: securing information, but the “how” is where it gets tricky. Cyber criminals are cunning and are constantly coming up with new ways to steal […]

Big Data: Cyber Security Is Breaking Into Elite Business Schools — Here’s Why

Read why Seb Murray says that cyber security is finally being included in elite business school syllabus on Business Because : Cyber security threats have never been more perilous. PwC reckons 90% of large organizations suffer a security breach — and the number of breaches doubled last year, costing firms up to £3 million each. Whether […]

How to Use Dungeons and Dragons for Security Training

Read Neil J. Rubenking article on how companies could use games to train their employees in cyber security on PC World : If you’re an IT administrator or a security wonk, you have a pretty good grasp on best security practices. But if you’re a sales agent or call center clerk, security just seems like […]