Don’t let attackers worm their way in: Increase password security

Passwords are inherently the weakest form of authentication, yet they remain the most prevalent. Many organizations realize that moving beyond this single point of vulnerability is required but replacing passwords or adding multi-factor authentication (MFA) to all use cases can be daunting if not impossible. As such, it is undoubtedly important to enforce strong password […]

Companies ditch data as GDPR deadline approaches

A new study from IBM reveals that nearly 60 percent of organizations surveyed are embracing the GDPR as an opportunity to improve privacy, security, data management or as catalyst for new business models, rather than simply a compliance issue or impediment. To reduce their exposure, the study indicated that the majority of companies are being more selective in […]

Most businesses believe stronger data protection policies will lead to fewer breaches

In light of new data privacy legislations, a new Webroot report looks at how businesses in the U.S., U.K., and Australia are adjusting to new data security measures in order to meet compliance requirements. Specifically, the report measures organisations’ readiness to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and Australia’s Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB). The results reveal that […]

Facebook Suspends 200 Apps

Facebook is following through on a massive app investigation and audit promised by CEO Mark Zuckerberg back in March following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In an update posted this week, Facebook said it has investigated thousands of apps and suspended “around 200” while it inspects them. The company is taking a closer look at apps that had […]

Combating fraud and money laundering with graph analytics

Dirty money and money laundering have been around since the existence of currency itself. On a global level, as much as $2 trillion is washed annually, estimates the United Nations. As the fight against money laundering continues, AML (anti money laundering) compliance has become big business. But combating crime is never easy. Especially when organizations face […]

Proofpoint Sounds Warning on Vega Stealer Targeted Data Theft Campaign

A low-volume data-stealing campaign with the potential to get much bigger has begun targeting retail and manufacturing companies and also a select list of marketing, advertising, and public relations firms. Email security vendor Proofpoint says it has observed and blocked new malware called Vega Stealer that is being used in the campaign to steal saved […]

Security governance framework: How to facilitate management involvement

Boards of directors and management are increasingly involved in the oversight and governance of information security. The time when security was the prerogative of a technical team and the security officer reported only inside IT seems definitively over. Regulations, new business models and digital transformation have put information security at the heart of strategic decisions. […]

Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, BSD: All hit by same ‘serious’ security flaw

Windows, macOS, major Linux distributions, FreeBSD, VMware, and Xen on x86 AMD and Intel CPUs are affected by a serious security flaw caused by operating system developers misinterpreting debug documentation from the two chip makers. The affected OS and hypervisor makers have released fixes for the common flaw that may allow an authenticated attacker “to […]

Why Organizations Need to Secure Their Containers

Containers are revolutionizing the way that organizations deploy applications. These technologies are packages, notes Amazon Web Services (AWS), that enable teams to run applications and their code, configurations and dependencies in resource-isolated processes. As such, they allow for reduced environmental dependencies, support for micro-services and horizontal scalability, among other advantages. Containers help solve some of the most common […]

Risky business: Are mobile employees compromising business info?

Americans logged 457.4 million trips for business in 2016, and there is no sign of business travel slowing down, with global business travel spend expected to rise 5.8 percent to $1.6 trillion in 2020. With the rise of business travel comes an increased threat to businesses’ information security. From business plans, to budget scopes, to […]