Optimizing Online Defenses Through Crowdsourcing

With limited time and money, many organizations are hamstrung when it comes to cyber defense. AlienVault’s CTO Roger Thornton discusses how the company’s crowdsourced, open-source community product, the Open Threat Exchange (OTX), can help. See the video in which Roger Thornton of AlienVault explain’s how companies can optimise their cyber defenses through crowd sourcing on Dark […]

Crowdsourced Threat Intelligence: A paradigm shift in Cyber Security

What is common between your traffic data, music playlists, and news feeds today? Crowdsourcing. We all know the benefits of community-based services that take real-time user data to increase the relevance and accuracy of a service. Come to think of it bad guys are thriving by collaborating with each other, creating darknet marketplaces, establishing complex supply […]

Crowdsourcing your security

The formal security programs at most companies include a finite number of managers and staffers. But the fact is, everyone within an organization should be responsible on some level for contributing to efforts to protect information, physical assets and other property. Indeed, many security executives have come to rely on a broad “team” within their […]