In-House or Cloud? Where is More Secure?

Read Malgorzata Zabieglinska–Lupa and Marcin Geroch take a look at what is more secure, in-house or cloud on Infosec Magazine : Whether you are upgrading old servers because of business expansion, or considering moving to the cloud because your IT infrastructure is out of date and does not support your business as it should, there […]

5 years into the ‘cloud-first policy’ CIOs still struggling

Read Kenneth Corbin explain why federal CIOs are still struggling with cloud computing on CIO : For half a decade, the federal government has operated under a policy to prioritize cloud computing as agency CIOs embark on new technology initiatives, but in such a vast and varied IT environment, it’s not been a quick transition. […]

Is Cloud Security An Exaggerated Concern?

The results are in: We have made zero progress since 2010. This was the year that IDC published results of a survey regarding cloud computing, and it found that security was the biggest barrier toward adoption. This statistic has found its way onto pretty much every presentation about cloud computing since 2010. Read more about […]

The Cloud is the New ‘Third Place’, but Security Needs to Keep Pace

Read Michael Hill explain why cloud security is crucial on Infosec Magazine : Society is continually recognizing the need for ‘third places’, which are neutral, welcoming and accessible spots in our lives that are separate from the stresses of work but also detached from our lives at home. Read his full article here.

UK Cloud Adoption Slower Than US, Brazil, and Australia

UK organisations use less cloud services than international counterparts, while IT budgets slower to shift towards cloud, claims Intel Security. Another day, another cloud report claiming the UK is lagging behind other countries when it comes to cloud adoption. Read more about the new report by Intel Security which reveals that businesses in United Kingdom are […]

Cloud File Sharing: Big Rewards — and Big Risks

Read  Sundaram Lakshmanan take a look at cloud file sharing on Cipher Cloud : Nearly every business runs 24×7 these days. Employees need to be able to access corporate documents even when they’re not at the office. Projects can’t succeed without a collaborative effort across internal and external participants. Read his full article here.