Google Chrome drops support for early Intel Macs

Google is rolling out Chrome browser version 39 to OS X users. This brings a big change – a shift from 32-bit to full and exclusive 64-bit support. By switching Chrome to 64-bit, Google hopes that it will be faster and use less memory. The update also patches over 40 vulnerabilities. But there is a […]

Chrome 39 Disables SSLv3 Fallback, Awards $41,500 / €33,000 in Bounties

Google announced version 39 of its Chrome browser, which disables fallback to buggy SSL 3.0 from a more secure cryptographic protocol in case of client-server connection errors, thus eliminating the risk of a POODLE attack. The new release of the browser has received a total of 42 security fixes and it is the first one […]

Google Chrome set to disable and remove SSLv3 in upcoming releases

Chrome 39, due to be released in six weeks’ time, will be the first step in Google’s plan to remove SSLv3 support from its Chrome browser. Earlier this month, Google discovered a flaw in SSLv3, dubbed Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption (POODLE), that allowed an attacker to conduct a man-in-the-middle attack in order to […]