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Experts Have Sobering Message on Human Rights, Privacy for Security Pros

Continuing a theme that picked up momentum at Black Hat this summer, two influential speakers at Virus Bulletin today painted grim pictures of the threats to physical safety and civil liberties posed by commercial spyware and high-end surveillance software often sold to governments.

Read what experts at the Virus Bulletin conference had to say for security pros on Threat Post.

Should CISOs join CEOs in the C-suite?

Read y Steve Morgan’s article about whether the CISOs should join the CEOs in the C-Suite on CSO Online :

C-level executives have titles that begin with “chief.” But that doesn’t mean they all sit in the C-suite, which is reserved for CEOs and a select few others. Chief financial officers (CFOs) and chief operating officers (COOs) are the most common executives in the C-suite.

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Cyber security: why your people are your most effective defence

Read why  Nick Wilding says that employees are most effective defence against cyber attacks on CBI :

Many organisations continue to invest in multiple layers of “intelligent” technical controls to protect themselves from cyber attackers. Yet security breaches continue to grow in their scale and impact. There’s something missing in our organisational response to the risks we all face.

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Businesses Must Upskill IT Professionals to Win the Cybersecurity Battle

Read why Mark Samuels says that businesses must train their IT professionals to win the cyber security battle on Security Intelligence :

Too many businesses are not leveraging the capabilities of their existing IT professionals and fail to provide high-quality training that will boost business preparedness for the ever-increasing cybersecurity threat.

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Getting serious about IoT security with execs

Read why Gordon Haff says that companies will have to involve their executives in Internet of Things security on Tech Target :

The security of connected devices is a charged topic. Breaches make for headlines, unhappy customers, fines and firings. As a result, if you’re considering an IoT project, sooner or later your bosses are going to ask you what you’re doing about security. Here are some of the things you should talk about.

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What to look for when hiring healthcare cybersecurity pros

Read Bill Siwicki explain what healthcare companies need to look forward in their new cyber security recruits on Healthcare IT News :

Healthcare has special challenges securing information and devices. The consequences of a successful hack can be, at their worst, extreme results on people’s health and well-being. Medical records are worth more on the black market than identity data, and thus make health records particularly vulnerable to theft and ransomware attacks.

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Security leaders need better visibility of risk before the board asks

Is your environment more or less complex than it was last year? And what about the changing threat landscape? When we blend them together, we get increasing complexity with evolving threats. And now that security is a top area of concern in the executive suite and boardroom, the pressure mounts.

Read why Kevin Cunningham of SailPoint says that IT pros should have better answers for board’s needs for information demands on CSO Online.

Cyber security specialists in demand as threat from online criminals and cyber attacks continues to grow

Cyber security specialists are in demand as organisations face a growing threat from online criminals. Adam Shapley, senior regional director from recruiters Hays Information Technology says the implications of being attacked online are far reaching.

Read why Adam Shapley of Hays Information Technology says that companies are scouting for cyber security pros even as cyber attacks grow on The Daily Telegraph.

Cybercrime Awareness Should Be Fun

Read why Scott Koegler says that companies should plan their cyber awareness programs as fun for employees on Security Intelligence :

Companies experiencing a cyberattack certainly are not thinking about fun when they deal with the results. There’s a good chance that the breach happened because security awareness wasn’t a focus for an employee who simply clicked the wrong link or accessed the wrong website.

Read his full article here.