Advice for mitigating cybersecurity threats

Read  David Geer’s article about how businesses can mitigate cyber security threats on CGMA Magazine : Nearly three-fourths of company finance leaders have become more involved in cybersecurity in the wake of increases in phishing scams and credit card and database breaches, according to a new global survey. Read his full article here.

How to prevent your system from being hacked

You may be concerned that keeping your company’s system safe from hacking could necessitate significant expenditure on various security products and services. However, there are actually various ways in which you can protect your system at a low cost. This is particularly appealing for small businesses who could lack abundant financial reserves. Read about how […]

Effective Cybersecurity Starts With The Network

In a 24×7 connected world rapidly going digital, effective cybersecurity is becoming table stakes and the key to not only business success — but also business survival. Failure to protect your digital assets ‑ data, applications, devices, networks, people and an acceptable user experience (a bad digital experience negatively impacts the future buying behavior of […]

Study: Top security companies’ market share to grow

The market share of the top 15 security equipment and services companies will continue to grow through 2020, according to latest IHS Markit Physical Security Equipment and Services Report, released this week.The combined equipment and services market was estimated to be $123.67 billion in 2015, with the equipment market forecast to grow at a CAGR […]

Cybersecurity key to risk-free business ecosystem: CII-KPMG

From drones to smart offices, new age technologies have transformed the traditional way of doing business in India. But these have also given way to unforeseen risks that can lead to serious consequences, if they go un-managed. It is imperative to understand the ramifications of such transformational technologies and design appropriate risk management strategies to de-risk […]

M&A deals bring added cybersecurity risks

Read why Jeremy Seth Davis says that merger and acquisition deals bring added cyber security risks on SC Magazine : Security professionals are increasingly concerned by cybersecurity risks that arise as a result of mergers and acquisitions transactions, particularly the use of cyberespionage to gain information on the competition. Read his full article here.

How to Use Marketing to Regain Public Trust After a Data Breach

Read Zachary Evans explain how businesses can use marketing to regain public trust after a data breach on Business : With the use and interpretation of data becoming increasingly important in business today, the amount of information that is left vulnerable to attack is greater than ever, and expanding exponentially. Read his full article here.

5 Data Breach Predictions For Businesses

Read Poonam Mondal  five data breach predictions for businesses on CXO Today : With the frequency and sophistication of security incidents continuing at breakneck speed, it is essential that companies increase their data breach preparedness. Not only that, but the landscape has changed with hackers targeting organizations for different types of data that could be […]

Managing cyber risk is a top priority – pity so few do

A new study titled “Vulnerability Management Trends in Asia Pacific” conducted by Forrester Consulting shows Australia’s information security practitioners cite managing risk as a top priority for their companies, yet demonstrate that their vulnerability management is inadequate. Read more about the new study titled  “Vulnerability Management Trends in Asia Pacific” conducted by Forrester Consulting which […]

Cybersecurity Is an Enterprise Risk in M&A Deals

Read Daniel R. Stoller why says the mergers and acquisitions are fraught with cyber risks on Bloomberg BNA : Companies involved in a merger or acquisition must be cognizant of cybersecurity risks or face possible grave financial and reputational harm, privacy attorneys told Bloomberg BNA. To avoid potential pitfalls, companies on both sides of the […]