Data breaches setting Australian organisations back AU$2.5m: IBM

Data breaches are costing Australian organisations an average of AU$2.51 million — approximately AU$139 per capita — a report from IBM and the Ponemon Institute has found. The 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study: Australia report investigated the costs 25 Australian companies incurred in 11 industry sectors after experiencing the loss or theft of protected personal […]

How to ensure that your contracts are compliant with new Data Breach Notification Laws

Read Albert Yuen and Liam Mulvey explain how companies can ensure their contracts are compliant with the new data breach notification law in Australia on CIO : In response to the growing privacy concerns around personal data, the Australian Government recently passed the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 (Cth) (the ‘New Data Breach […]

Mandatory data breach reporting in Australia

Read  Philip Wood, Amy Ryburn, Allan Yeoman, Keri Johansson, Damien Steel-Baker and Renee Stiles explain how the new mandatory data breach notification law in Australia will work on Lexology : As noted in our article “What’s in a name?”, mandatory data breach reporting has been on the agenda in New Zealand for some time. While […]

Australia ‘lagging behind’ as cyber threats outpace government security plans

Read  Helen Isbister’s article about why Australia is lagging behind in cyber security on SBS : On a day when the Turnbull government was criticised over the implementation of its cyber security strategy, the Prime Minister was sitting down for talks on the matter. He talked with representatives from the telecommunications and internet service provider industries […]

New data breach reporting legislation deemed cyber game changer in Australia

Australia’s business landscape will be transformed under new mandatory reporting legislation for data breaches which will take cyber security from the IT department to the boardroom, according to a white paper released by QBE Insurance. Read about the new white paper released by QBE Insurance which states that the new data breach notification law will […]

Small business risks being left behind in Australia’s virtuous cyber security plans

Read why James Turner says that small and medium businesses risk being left behind in Australia’s grand cyber security plans on Australian Financial Review : It’s now a year since the launch of the Australian Cyber Security Strategy. Could progress be better? Of course. But the progress is good. Actually, it’s great. The collaboration between government […]

New Australian Mandatory Data Breach Notification Legislation

Read Margie M. Tannock explain the newly legislated American data breach notification law on Lexology : Australian businesses have been warned they can no longer keep quiet about cyber security breaches, after the Senate passed laws mandating their disclosure 15 years after they were introduced in the US. The long anticipated Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill […]

ASX 100 Cyber Health Check Report released: How Australia’s largest companies are tackling online risk

Last year, ASX and ASIC invited the 100 largest listed companies in Australia to participate in a study to assess their awareness of and preparedness to tackle cyber risk — and the results are now in. Read more about the newly released the ASX released the Cyber Health Check Report which reveals that 62% of Australian businesses […]

Aussie enterprises reactive to security needs to combat data breaches

And Australia and a majority of its Asia Pacific counterparts — 55% to be precise — do not conduct risk assessment studies as a precautionary measure and say they will only do so if there was a security breach or suspected breach. Read about the new study conducted by Frost & Sullivan which reveals that […]

Australia’s boards don’t really understand their cyber security risks

The boards of the vast majority of Australia’s biggest listed companies have non-existent or limited understanding of the biggest IT security risks to their organisation, the ASX’s first cyber health check has found. Read more about the new report by ASX which reveals that Australian company boards have limited understanding of cyber security risks their […]