WhatsApp bug: Beware Black Dot and T-Touch messages could crash your Android smartphone

It’s not new for pranksters to find new ways to crash a messaging app or one’s smartphone. Sometimes the intentions are seemingly innocent, while at other times they are nefarious. A new buggy message found on WhatsApp falls in the first category. There are a couple of messages doing rounds that can potentially crash WhatsApp […]

Top Tips To Increase RAM On Your Android Smartphone

With almost two billion-plus users, Android smartphones have reached every nook and cranny of the world. However, one problem besets all Android smartphone users – lack of sufficient space in RAM (Random Access Memory).  Low RAM is one of the prime reasons for the lag or delay in opening Apps on Android smartphones. Low RAM […]

Before you panic: 6 things to remember about Android security

Read JR Raphael’s article on Android malware which can wreak havoc with your personal details on Computer Weekly : Android security sure can seem like a scary subject. And it’s no wonder: Every few weeks, we see some new hair-raising headline about how our phones are almost certain to be possessed by demons that’ll steal our […]

How to root/flash your Android smartphone in quick and easy steps

Have you ever felt the need to have unrestricted control of your smartphone? Rooting your Android smartphone opens up a world of possibilities, but it also has its drawbacks – mainly being irreversibly damaging your smartphone if the rooting process is not done correctly. Manufacturers, therefore, have a genuine interest in discouraging their users from rooting […]

Android phone makers skip Google security updates without telling users – study

Finally, the truth is out! Google ships out security patches for Android smartphones as soon as a vulnerability is discovered. It seems that some Android smartphone manufacturers are skipping security patches without notifying users, instead claiming their smartphone’s software is up to date with Google’s monthly security releases, researchers say. Researchers from Germany’s Security Research […]

5 Best Ways to Reduce Your Mobile Internet Data Usage On Android

Mobile data has become the center point of our lives. Imagine someone who is using a smartphone and doesn’t have an Internet connection. With Internet penetration increasing around the world, mobile data usage has skyrocketed. As the Internet usage increases, more and more Apps demand a constant supply of data – be it your video […]

Top 5 best Android Apps to block spam callers

Almost all of us get irritated with spam calls. Especially the ones that come early in the morning, mid-afternoon and at night. We get annoyed by such unwanted calls which are mostly from telemarketing companies or fraudsters and scammers. When we get such calls, we gather all our fury and direct it towards the unknown […]

Less than half of Android security apps offer effective protection

A new study from independent testing lab AV-Comparatives reveals that of over 200 Android security apps tested the majority are dubious, unsafe or ineffective. The company downloaded 204 apps from the Google Play store in January this year and found 84 of the apps detected over 30 percent of malicious samples, and had zero false alarms. 79 […]

4 easy and quick ways in which you can delete your Android smartphone cache

If you are one of the two billion individuals who own any type of Android smartphone, memory is one problem you will face even if you have a 65GB or 128GB model with a similar data size MicroSD card. The sheer size of media files we download or have on our smartphones can easily fill […]

Google claims Android is now just as secure as iOS

Although the number of Android users have always been on a rise, it has always been thought to be inferior to iOS when it comes to security. But, with features like Google Play Protect built straight into its Play Store and monthly Android security patch updates (if you have the latest smartphone, that is), the […]