Uber data breach aided by lack of multi-factor authentication

For Uber CISO John Flynn, having to explain the company’s massive 2016 data breach to a Senate hearing was never going to be an easy day out. There are two strands to this incident – the company’s handling of the breach of 57 million customer and driver records once it found out about it, and the […]

Impediments to Adoption of Two-factor Authentication by Home End-Users

Cyber criminals have proven to be both capable and motivated to profit from compromised personal information. The FBI has reported that victims have suffered over $3 billion in losses through compromise of email accounts alone (IC3 2016). One security measure which has been demonstrated to be effective against many of these attacks is two-factor authentication […]

74 Percent of Organizations Using Two-Factor Authentication Face User Complaints

A recent SecureAuth survey of 300 cyber security professionals or IT decision makers found that 74 percent of respondents who use two-factor authentication (2FA) said they receive complaints about 2FA from their users — and 9 percent say they simply “hate it.” Read more about the new survey by SecurAuth which reveals that as many […]

Multi-Factor Authentication Sees Huge 40% Jump in 2016

According to a survey from SecureAuth Corp., in 2015, 66% of organizations were using MFA in some capacity. In 2016, that number has jumped to an impressive 93%. More than half (51%) are using MFA across the organization, while 38% have implemented it in some areas. Read about the new surveys by SecureAuth Corp which reveals […]

Why everyone should care about two-factor authentication

Read why Steve Manzuik wants every one to enable two factor authentication on Help Net Security : In the age of BYOD, corporate employees and consumers alike have access to incredible computing power in the palms of their hands. With almost our entire digital lives available through these devices and the ability they grant us to […]

JPMorgan mega breach traced back to simple 2FA fail

Hackers broke into JPMorgan’s network through a giant security hole left open by a failure to apply two-factor authentication on an overlooked server. The New York Times reports that technicians at JPM had failed to upgrade one of its network servers, meaning that access was possible without knowing a combination of a password and the value […]