Spookstock: A virtuous, but secretive, battle of the bands

JJ Green at WTOP News produced a segment on a very virtuous yearly event called Spookstock which we would like to draw your attention to. JJ’s choice of words and sound in this report are impossible for me to do service to, it is very well done, so I would encourage you to spend 4 minutes to listen to his wonderful articulation of what this event is all about.

Find JJ Green’s report at:

Behind ‘Spookstock’: Secret concerts help kids of fallen covert operatives

Spookstock supports the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, two charities which support the well-being and educational needs of children and spouses of CIA officers and special operations personnel who have lost their lives in service to the nation.

You can think of Spookstock as a “battle of the bands” judged by celebrities from pop culture and from the intelligence community. The bands are made up of intelligence community members.

The event raises money for charity through ticket sales and sponsorships. If you are interested in attending or sponsoring please reach out. This is a very private/exclusive event so it is not publicly advertised, but Contact Us and we can make introductions if you would like additional information.

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