SOCs require automation to avoid analyst fatigue for emerging threats

A survey conducted by LogicHub at RSA Conference 2018 identified 79 percent of respondents believe both human expertise and security automation is needed for a powerful security infrastructure to keep enterprises safe from breaches.  Still, breaches go undetected for 206 days on average, showing while human expertise is pertinent, it is not effectively being deployed alongside automation tools. This leads cybersecurity analysts to experience alert fatigue, increasing the potential of a missed breach.

The survey, comprised of respondents who identified as security analysts, CISOs, infosecurity experts and security engineers, found 66 percent of respondents have a dedicated or ad hoc threat hunting team to monitor and detect for threats, but these teams often do not often have sophisticated automation techniques in place. This leaves analysts with an overabundance of data to monitor.

Read more about the findings of the new LogicHub survey on Help Net Security.

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