Security vs. Speed: The Risk of Rushing to the Cloud

Businesses deploying cloud-based applications and services often overlook critical security steps as they scramble to keep up with the latest technology, and the rush is putting them at risk.

“There’s a lot of customers who have this cloud-first mandate,” says JK Lialias, senior director of cloud access at Forcepoint. “They’ve been told, ‘thou shalt move to the cloud as much infrastructure as you possibly can.'” A lot of pressure is on line-of-business employees to adopt cloud applications and infrastructure, he continues. IT departments are essential in delivering these services and often neglect to understand how on-premises data and processes translate to the cloud.

The gap between moving to the cloud and implementing strong security has shrunk as new technologies accelerate the process. However, most companies are still followers and don’t take all the necessary steps, sacrificing security in the process.

Read more about the critical security steps companies overlook as they move to adopt the latest cloud applications and services, and how the move to the cloud can be better managed, on DarkReading.

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